What we do?

We grow healthy and quality fruit tree seedlings with excellent root system!

We have a fruit tree seedlings of Apple, Plum, Pear, Quince, Sweet Cherry, Sour Cherry, Appricot, Peach, Nectarine, Haselnuts, Nuts ...

This is a way that we do…

Production of fruit tree seedlings

At the beginning, we choose a best quality plant for graft. Then we decide about way of grafting. We produce a healtiest and the strongest plant for your orchard with excellent root system, but without using a herbicide in our nursery.

Remove a plants from ground

When a fruit tree seedlings are ready for sale, we remove it from ground in nursery and we separate the best one with appropriate height and largeness of root system.

Packaging and shipping

When we meet a order, we go then to package a fruit tree seedlings in our nursery, very carefully, NOT to damage a seedlings. After a one more check, we send goods to your place by different way of shipping or you can come to our nursery and take your seedlings.